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I then upgraded to El Capitan. What can I do to fix this? Apple is now the new Microsoft. Nothing works properly in any OS on any devices. Nice work Mr Cook. How after 40 years can there be no legitimate alternative to OSX and Windows? Mac got popular because they were the Fisher Price of computers.

Look where microsoft is now — the same place Mac is heading. THAT stikes me as incredibly stupid. Mac should hire you. You could help them sink their ship. I love trolls. Anyone who uses Macs or iPhones knows that the company is not called Mac, but Apple. Even most trolls know it too. Yes, Apple have made some odd choices when rewriting some of their software, but I still prefer their products to the alternatives. And, yes, I have tried them and even supported them as an IT professional.

2. The “best case” solution

Working good…. For those who are happy with El Capitan, I am very glad for you.

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Photos app has replaced iPhoto, your photos are available in the Photos. That is not how it should be, but that is what Apple is offering many people. I upgraded to El Capitan. Strange things are happening with email. Email sent from a person using my correct email keeps going to the old mac I have no idea why this is happening. Thanks for your post. Since my Outlook remotely connects to another server I have had major problems for over a week as every time I opened Outlook it crashed after 3 seconds.

How To Downgrade OS X El Capitan 10.11 To OS X Yosemite/ OS X Mavericks/ OS X Lion Full Tutorial

Microsoft late last week said they will fix some day. Today i was going to remove El Captain which would have been a major time problem and i am not that computer savy. I read your comments and went to Microsoft looking for the version you mentioned. Low and behold it fixed everything. Thanks for leaving the post. So I had a backup on a Drobo, and restored the machine.

However, I have experienced a couple of problems. Two programs lost their licenses.

I re-entered them — so no big deal. Search on Mail is kaput. Then I exited SP. This is the first time — ever — that a OS X upgrade has caused me problems. If you look at the El Capitan forum, you will see dozens of people with this problem or something really similar. The effect of the install is a kernel panic. So what is a non-technical user expected to do. I will not attempt to upgrade to this on the other 5 machines in my household. I suspect El Cap is an attempt to force hardware upgrade sales. What if they only backed up their home folder? Not too difficult, but much more hands-on.

My point was that OS X Daily needs to mention this in their instructions. I have to agree with DCJ. In , not having a full backup is almost beyond silly and beyond help. Time Machine requires an external hard drive to work, so unless there is another drive present to back up to, Time Machine would not be able to turn on by default. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Marlene says:.

How to Downgrade Sierra to El Capitan

December 30, at pm. Ruth says:. Oct 31, at am. Damien Oh. Nov 3, at am. Yes, provided you have the Snow Leopard installer disk. Ujas vaghani. Feb 25, at pm. Ankur Bahri. Jan 20, at am. Post navigation Previous story.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to OS X Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)?

Next story. Then we changed IT and location to a new comapny and they installed SL and 2 days later my screen has died or the hardware is having serious issues, very blown out and only some colours. Well I ended up with Lion, not on one, but on two machines. About days in, I was hating it and about ready to return the thing. Downside was it had Lion.

How to downgrade from OS X El Capitan back to OS X Yosemite | iMore

But I knew it could run Snow Leopard since they were originally released with it. That was last weekend. I took the time to arrange my Desktops in a specific way, like how I had done with Spaces just horizontally instead. So I was hooked. Now, I do hate the mutli-monitor support. But it does work.

How to Downgrade from macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Office runs just fine. I would advise against upgrading SL to Lion. Do a wipe and fresh install.

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  5. I really appreciate for your time and consideration.. Can anybody set up a short list which essential data are to be exported and folders are to be saved before downgrading?

    Snow Leopard and Lion use a different mailbox format. The Launcher is OK, but it also shows the uninstall Apps and other links that make it inefficient. After the 7. Word, Excel and many, many other applications absolutely will not work in Lion. Imagine my horror and consternation when I could not read a large number of Excel files hundreds and hundred of pages of Word Documents. I am working on several books.