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However, it also strips the EXIF data out of the file. Just drag and drop. Oct 29, PM. Page content loaded. Oct 29, PM in response to balsa2 In response to balsa2. More Less.

How to view, edit, and remove EXIF Data including location on Windows

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Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 4. I have found two if my imges used by people in thsi way. Both have been sued successfully for copyright infringement and fraud! By removing exif data. If now always ask where they obtained the informatio on how to do this.

If they point to you. I will include you in the legal action. I have passed this on the press and real professional photographers around the world through unions and clubs. We are sick of people like you who think you are clever. Good luck with that. No one gives a damn about YOUR images.

This is about manipulating our own images. Lawyers are like arm-pits everyone has two and they both stink.

How to Remove GPS and Other Metadata Locations From Photos

Exif Eraser are great, but you have to remember to strip the GPS tags, one picture at a time. I recently found an app named "GPS Privacy" that automatically removes the GPS tags if pictures are taken in your home, school or any private place. You just set where your privacy areas are, and every time a picture is made within one of your areas, the GPS tags are removed. Hope this would be helpful for you as well! The GIMP method doesn't seem to work. Tried it with two images from my phone and could still see all of the data. I take a screenshot of the photo, and then upload the screenshot instead of the original photo.

Does this remove EXIF data too? I hope so. I tried a few, and the best I found was Exif Tag Remover. It removes Exif metadata but also many other data formats that manufacturers add to my photos. Metability QuickFix is not available any more.

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The free BatchPurifier Lite can be used instead to clean multiple photos. THanks very helpful - had a hacked website which had base64 infection on the images hidden in the exif data. I use Exif Pilot for Windows. The free version strips data from photos one at a time, which is good enough for me as I only use it occasionally.

There's a paid version will do the job in batches. I totally agree with the record manager, but unfortunately some TV sets e. Sony will not display your image in some cases unless metadata are stripped, for some very, very stupid reason. As a records manager and archivist in training I have only disappointment to lend to this conversation about erasing EXIF data. At least leave it on your originals - but not the ones you share online. We will enter an age of digital darkness before too long.

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    How to remove GPS and other metadata locations from photos

    You are not. Regards Kevin. Kevin, Good luck with that. EXIF and metadata are not. Thanks very much for writing this post. The program Metability QuickFix worked like a charm. What about a Linux tutorial?

    "Photo Privacy" for Mac. Remove EXIF & IPTC Metadata

    Linux users take pictures, too. Great tutorial, but I would love a OSX version :. Yeah, almost no one uses OSX except for, oh yeah, most commercial photographers Yeah, no one uses OSX except for, oh yeah, most commercial and amatueur photographers I know